Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sacrum, Illium, Whatever

While doing some volunteer work I managed to mess up my sacroilliac joint. It's a little hinge of sorts that connects your hip and your spine, or something like that; what it really is a serpent waiting to strike. Standing, sitting, bending, it turns out you use that little joint for just about everything. So when it gets inflamed, you end up with a lot of bed rest and not much else.
I'm up and about again, with some caveats that I can't really lift or shift anything terribly heavy. Sitting is still hit or miss; some chairs are perfectly comfortable for hours at a time, others I can sit in for about three minutes before the pain in my SI gets to be slightly unbearable, and it seems to not matter if the seat is hard and wooden or nicely cushioned--I can get different results from the same kind of chair made slightly different.
Stuck on my back mostly, you'd think I would do a lot of being productive. Instead, I fretted and fussed and was almost entirely useless. Hence my long absence from writing anything here. For which I apologize, and will now recommence. It only makes good sense, now that I can get about essentially without limits any longer, that I confine myself to produce blog posts.
Strange creatures, we humans, and me not the least.

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